To-do Lists

for your self Sep 15, 2021

I love to-do lists. They are exactly what I need to free a busy mind and ensure that I stay on track. As a freelancer, artist, and generally easily distracted person, to-do lists ensure that I don’t go to bed disappointed because I’d forgotten something.

I fell in love the 52 Lists Planner by Moorea Seal over the last year because of the way its free form layout.  It lays out each day, week, and month — broken down into a monthly overview, weekly to-dos and intentions, as well as daily top 3 priorities, gratitude for each day, a way to make tomorrow 1% better, and the general space for planning each day.

Having 3 priorities each day allows me to ensure that I am never disappointed when I go to sleep. It reminds me of the three non-negotiable for my day, even if one is as simple as increasing my water intake. The gratitude section reminds me to smile each day for something. The better tomorrow portion allows anything to carry over that I didn’t get to or for something that will make me happy the next day, like more time outside or a call with a family member.

I wasn’t lying when I said I love to-do lists (which is clear when expressing my love for my planner), but what I love more is remembering words that I wrote back in June.

I was writing in my journal one early morning and these words flew out of me as if the universe was rushing to ensure that I didn’t miss them. They were the words that I’d needed then, that I still need now, and they feel like words that maybe you need too.

“Maybe, just maybe, the days when crossed out to do lists are the days that I am doing things right. Those are the days where I refuse to be burdened by expectations I’ve put on myself. Those are the days that I choose to flow with the motion and movement of the given day instead of feeling trapped inside a book of words that I’ve created. The laundry will get done, the gifts will be purchased, but what we don’t get back is the spontaneity, the creativity, the time.”

All of this to say, it’s great to make lists, but it’s also great to venture away from the list and into the day.

Cheers, friend! To living more spontaneously…
xx, jamie

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