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for your closet Aug 17, 2021



I’m talking bargain hunting, coupon cutting, sale rack shopaholic. I loved the weird adrenaline rush I’d get when I bought an item on sale, most of which just sat in a pile somewhere gathering dust.


I was more excited to say “I got it for $9.99!” than I was to actually feel confident wearing whatever it was. I bought into trends and fads. I spent a crazy amount of hours in fast fashion stores having no thought about where the dollars I was spending went.


And then one day I noticed that my closet was FULL, but I was wearing the same 5 items all the time.


That’s when it clicked. I didn’t want a closet full of clothes I’d never wear anymore. I wanted to invest in items to reuse and re-wear proudly. So I started.


And in doing this, I found myself creating less waste AND saving money.


There’s a secret to this and I want to let you in on it…it consists of 3 questions. That’s it! And I want to let you in on them during my FREE webinar.


Reserve your seat now via this link in my bio AND get a bonus freebie when you attend.


I can't wait to see you there!
xx, jamie

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