for your closet Sep 01, 2021

to give, put, or send (something) back to a place or person.

We know what returns look like.
Maybe for you they look like the dreaded trip back to a mall to wait in line to say "it just didn't quite fit" to a sales associate who has heard it all before.
Maybe they look like scrambling to find a box or mailer to squeeze that item into to then try to tape it shut by acting like you are slaying a dragon, to printing a label, and finally to driving to the drop off point. 
Or maybe they look like scrolling a company's website to find the return policy because you never looked before purchasing (even though you say you will every time you buy a new dress).

But what if I told you that returns don't have to look like this at all?

We often look at returns like we look at putting it our two weeks notice for a job we don't like. It's a hassle, a confrontation, a pain in the a**.

But here's the thing:
Putting your two weeks notice in for a job that you don't like isn't just quitting a job. It's telling yourself that you deserve the job you do want. It's letting the universe know that you are committed to finding a job you do like.

And making returns can feel that way too.

I know how frustrating it can be when you order something you're really excited about only to find that it doesn't remotely fit as you expected it to. But what's even more frustrating is letting that same item -- that fills you with anger because as it turns out the model on the website isn't remotely near your size or shape -- sit in your space with a negative energy attached to it.

You've likely been there. It's that feeling when you walk by it, that constant nagging reminder that you "need to return it".

It's sits in your home taking up space that could be better served with something you love or simply with nothing in that space at all. It holds your negativity instead of the holding the positivity that someone else will bring to it. The biggest problem? It's holding your MONEY.

I know you work hard for your money. And I know that when you choose to SHOP CONSCIOUSLY, chances are you're spending more of your money for higher quality pieces. 

Those pieces deserved to be loved and you deserve to have a closet full of pieces that make you happy. 

So next time you have a return to make, don't put it off until it's no longer an option. Make the return. Your wallet will thank you, your space will thank you, and you're letting the universe know that you are ready for the RIGHT thing, not just ANY thing.

xx, jamie

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