Plant Magic

for your health Sep 09, 2021

In reading The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell, PhD, one of the most incredible things I’ve read so far is about the way that nature is intentionally drawing humans to its healing properties.

Have you ever heard of free radicals?

To spare you of the big scientific words, free radicals are essentially unstable atoms due to an unpaired electron. In humans, uncontrolled damage from free radicals are part of what speed up the aging process. They can lead to cataracts, cancer, arthritis, and many other age related ailments.

But just like humans, plants also create free radicals during the photosynthesis process. Left unchecked, this could seriously damage a plants growth, but unlike humans, plants have a process of creating a shield to prevent damage — antioxidants.

Surely, you’ve heard of antioxidants before but maybe you didn’t know too much about them. Antioxidants are found solely in plant-based products (found in animal products only if an animal has consumed and store antioxidants in their tissues). What’s even more fascinating is that antioxidants in the human body act in the same manner as they do in plants, protecting us from free radicals.

So now that we understand free radicals and antioxidants, let’s talk about the magic part.

Have you ever looked at a fruit and been in awe of the incredible striking color -- the stunning hot pink dragonfruit, the green or golden kiwi, the deep red color of a watermelon. What exactly gives these fruits their beautiful colors? Antioxidants.

“The plants make the antioxidant shields, and at the same time make them look incredibly appealing with beautiful, appetizing colors. Then we animals, in turn, are attracted to the plants and eat them and borrow their antioxidant shields for our own health. Whether you believe in God, evolution, or just coincidence, you must admit that this is a beautiful, almost spiritual, example of nature’s wisdom.” The China Study, pg. 82

Have you been captivated by plant’s magic before? I know for certain that I have. Learning about the connection between a plant's color and antioxidants makes me certain that I will continue to be captivated by plant's magic for the rest of my life.

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