Don't Snooze the Alarm

for your self Oct 06, 2021

Have you been feeling a little extra sleepy lately? Are you feeling less productive at work, with household chores, or even with the things that typically bring you happiness?


I've got news for you, this time of year tends to do that to me. It's this strange feeling of loving the crisp, cooler air, loving the cozier nights, but feeling exhausted all the time.

My advice to you is simple, all I'm asking is that you don't snooze the alarm. I know it's a big ask and some days you may feel like it is simple impossible, but tell yourself right now that you won't snooze your alarm, at least not more than you usually do. ;)

To ensure productive days, it is crucial that we don't skip on our typical morning routine at this time of year. Snoozing your alarm for a little extra cozy often yields a butterfly effect on the rest of your day.

When you wake up later, you likely don't ease into your day the way your body and mind may want you to. Waking up late may look something like:

  • Not being able to walk to work because you're running late.
  • Skipping breakfast to opt for a small snack along the way which doesn't even remotely do what breakfast does for you (more on why skipping meals is NOT the answer to come in the future).
  • Not being able to get in a morning meditation to calm your mind before heading into the workday.
  • Not getting to enjoy the peace of a quiet house before the rest of your housemates wake up.

A steady morning routine, whatever that means for you, is a sure way to get you mentally and emotionally ready for a great day. 

So, even as the daylight gets shorter and the temperature drops, I ask you please...don't snooze your alarm. If you're looking for extra cozy this time of year, opt for an earlier evening instead of a later morning. After all, the early bird gets the worm.

Stay tuned for a sneak peak at my morning routine, sure to warm up the soul and raise the frequencies for a truly successful day.

xx, jamie

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